Domino’s Pizza in Bellefonte ready to settle its lawsuit


Domino’s in Bellefonte will pay nearly $ 50,000 to resolve a federal lawsuit brought by a handful of delivery drivers if the settlement is approved by a judge.

More than $ 34,300 would be shared among eight current or former employees, while more than $ 14,100 would go to the State College law firm that represented them.

Miller, Kistler & Campbell’s attorney David Gaines Jr., who filed the complaint on behalf of the employees, and Domino’s attorney, Jill Lashay, each declined to comment on Monday.

Robert Gee, Dylan Grubb, Darl Hoffman and Eric Rittenhouse accused Domino franchise owner Sheldon Port of illegally withholding money from a tip jar at the restaurant, failing to reimburse drivers personal expenses and improperly posting labor rights notices.

Port and the national channel denied the allegations, writing in a document filed Friday that no money had been taken from the tip pot and that all delivery drivers were paid at least minimum wage.

Domino’s did not assume any responsibility for the proposed settlement.

Gee, Grubb, Hoffman and Rittenhouse filed their complaint over a year ago. They were then joined by Skylar Cressman, Robert Struble, Deven Traxler and Megan Traxler.

Payments would range from around $ 870 to around $ 10,450 if the settlement is approved by US Intermediate District Judge Matthew Brann. He was asked on Friday to approve the settlement, but it was not immediately clear when he could make his decision.

Bret Pallotto reports primarily on courts and crime for the Center Daily Times. He grew up in Mifflin County and graduated from Lock Haven University.

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