How to complete your online passport application form?


The passport is an invaluable document for all Indians to confirm their legal citizenship and national identity. It is also an essential document without which you cannot travel outside the country.

Passport contains all the essential details relating to his personal information. Besides, it serves as necessary document for proof of identity and address anywhere in India and abroad. However, obtaining a passport from PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) and the government-owned website is a long and tedious process.

Thus, we have greatly facilitated the processing of your online passport application. All you need to do is complete your online passport form on our portal, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How to apply for Indian passport online?

You need to take the following five steps to get your passport taken home. However, please verify all entries before finally hitting the submit button. Please keep all necessary documents in front of your table while you complete the form.

Top 4 Hassle-Free Steps to Getting a Passport at Home

Specify your form: The very first step is to log into Portal Passport India. Now you have to opt for ‘New Application’ form for passport renewal or new issue. You can also use the “Reissue Request” form to revalidate your expired or lost passport.

Make a payment: Once you have successfully completed the form with exact details supported by documentary evidence, then you need to pay the required application fees and processing fees online.

The payment option will be available in several options. Choose the best payment method and go to the next steps.

Application process: We will now process your request for further action. Soon we will inform you of the mandatory appointment procedure for the passport.

We will personally arrange a hassle-free meeting between you and a passport officer for document verification. The officer will review your request once again for final approval.

Get your passport at home: Once the officer is fully satisfied with your documents and your application, your passport application process will move to its final step.

Wait a few days and soon you will receive your passport. That’s it.

Thus, the passport application process is simple and easy. You simply entrust your responsibility to a dedicated service provider, and they will guide you step by step.

The conclusion

Passport Online app helps you to avoid the erratic rush on various PSK (Passport Seva Kendras) and also the nagging server issues on the government website.

We speed up your application process to save you time, manpower and unnecessary expense. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us on weekdays by email or phone.

We will be happy to answer your questions and successfully process your online application to get you a passport as soon as possible. Just follow the four step guide mentioned above and get your passport home quickly without any hassle, confusion or hassle.

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