Immigration will make passport renewal process fully online next year


The Malaysian Immigration Department revealed its intention to make the passport renewal process fully online by 2022. The plan was noted in an announcement dated September 28 on its website.

To prepare for implementation, Immigration has set up a self-service kiosk that uses the online passport renewal service of its Security and Passport division in Menara Ikhlas, Putrajaya. The ministry also said immigration officers will also be stationed at the self-service counter to assist users.

MyPassport Online self-service counter at Immigration Malaysia headquarters in Putrajaya.

As the country will very soon begin to take a different approach to dealing with COVID-19, the decision taken by Immigration comes as no surprise, however. The timing is also rather apt as the Rakyat will once again be allowed to travel abroad once the rate of fully vaccinated adults in Malaysia reaches 90%.

After all, the online passport renewal system called My passport online has been around for years. The process is also fairly straightforward as it simply involves submitting photos, verifying the information extracted from the ministry’s file, choosing the preferred immigration location for passport collection, and paying the renewal fee.

MyOnline Passport, captured at 7:27 p.m. today.

That being said, MyOnline Passport has very specific photo requirements, which is understandable given the importance of the document. Currently, Immigration has set the renewal fee at RM200 for citizens aged 13 to 59, while those over 60 are charged slightly lower at RM100.

(Source: Immigration Malaysia. Picture: Immigration Malaysia / Facebook.)

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