Loans for those in debt reach, among others, persons who have been assigned a court credit. Then the debtor goes to the register of the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). Some loan companies do not verify their borrowers in this database. For this reason, they grant loans to people who appear in BIK. To get a loan, however, you must choose an offer from a lender that offers a way to withdraw cash other than a bank transfer. It is worth knowing that if only the money went to the debtor’s account, it would be immediately blocked by the credit. You should also pay attention to how the reimbursement is carried out. It is necessary to find a loan company that accepts e.g. a postal transfer.


Loan for those in debt – which one to choose?

Loan for those in debt - which one to choose?

Only some loan companies operating on our market offer loans to those in debt. Granting this type of financial product is more risky – an unreliable borrower may not pay the liability on time.

Loans for those in debt fall into two basic groups: short-term payday loans and long-term installment loans. Some lenders offer the first payday loan for free. However, these amounts are up to a maximum of 3000 USD. In addition, they must be repaid within 30 – 60 days.

If we are indebted, it is worth considering installment loans. Thanks to spreading the obligation in installments, it is possible to better manage home remedies without fear of closing the household budget. The ranking of loans for those in debt presents loan companies that offer financial support to people with financial problems.


Loan for those in debt – who can count on such support?

Loan for those in debt - who can count on such support?

The term indebted person includes customers who have loans from a non-bank company or loans from a bank. They are not always people who have problems with timely repayment. These may be customers who have one active commitment but need another for sudden expenses (e.g. car breakdown, family illness).

Banks usually do not provide support to people in debt. In their policy they follow slightly different rules than loan companies. Some institutions, however, declare an individual approach to each client and every situation. It may happen that a bank will grant a loan to an indebted person when the liability is guaranteed by a third party. However, this will be a small amount.

However, people with negative entries in the BIK and KRD database do not have a chance to get a bank loan.


A loan for debtors in loan companies

A loan for debtors in loan companies

According to the report of the Polish Bank Association, almost half of Poles have overdue financial liabilities. In 2018, the total value of all non-bank loans and credits was $ 5,757.2 billion. In the case of debt and negative entries in credit information databases, non-bank loans may be an alternative to traditional loans.

Many lenders do not check their potential clients in the BIK, BIG and KRD databases. Loan companies limit formalities to a minimum, therefore it is easier to obtain a non-bank loan than a bank loan. What’s better, this type of loan can be obtained without leaving your home. All you need is a computer or other device with Internet access.

Both individuals and entrepreneurs can apply for a loan for those in debt. The amount of the loan depends on the borrowers’ needs and the assessment of their financial situation.


GIRO check – what is that?

credit check - what is that?

As mentioned at the beginning, in the case of loans for debtors with a credit, the money cannot go to the borrower’s account because it will be blocked by the credit. The GIRO check is a form of cash withdrawal only offered by some lenders. The advantage of this solution is not only to avoid blocking the funds granted by the credit, but also to not have to perform a verification transfer to confirm the identity of the borrower.

Find a lender who offers cash withdrawals in the form of a GIRO check. Then it remains to submit the application in the traditional way – using the website of the loan company. It is necessary to select the form of withdrawal (GIRO check). After receiving a positive decision, the borrower will receive an SMS notification. The verification code will be included in the message. The next step is to go to a post office. The cashier will certainly ask us for an ID card to verify our identity. You will also need to enter the code received in the SMS notification. Usually, money can be picked up at the post office within an hour of receiving a positive decision.


Will the credit take the money borrowed?

Will the credit take the money borrowed?

Money transferred directly to a bank account will be seized by a credit. The official is not interested in whom they were transferred to and what the money is to be used for. So, if we are facing credit enforcement, the credit will have the right to seize the funds received.

For this reason, in the event of a credit’s seizure, it is safest to decide on a commitment with payment in the form of a GIRO check. If our liabilities are small, it is worth allocating the amount received to pay the credit. When we have nothing to pay rent, bills or buy food for – the GIRO check is the only solution. An alternative can be a home-based loan, but as a rule this type of obligation involves the incurring of higher costs of servicing the loan.

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