When it comes to payroll-deductible loans, is one of the banks that offer its clients good options. Even if the amount of credit is limited to 30% of your salary, it is interesting to check the available alternatives.

Thanks to its time in the market, the financial institution is able to offer various credit alternatives to its consumers. Continue reading the text and find out what they are.

Payroll Loan

As the bank only allows you to claim up to 30% of your salary, if you have already committed 10% of your salary, you can only use 20% to withdraw another credit.

Check out payroll loans:

  • Public servants;
  • Pensioners and withdrawals by the INSS;
  • Employees of private companies;
  • Military of the armed forces.

When it comes to payroll loans, bank makes quick analyzes, ie if the loan is approved, the money is automatically released to the account.

Requirements to apply for payroll loan

Requirements to apply for payroll loan

Bank and Finance companies you can apply for your loan in person. Check out the required documentation:

  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Latest payroll or proof of benefit;

Prefer to do the procedure online? Meet the requirements:

  • Submit a request through the Financial official website;
  • There is a special telephone to receive credit requests;
  • You can also apply for the loan by email.

Advantages of Loan:

Advantages of Vintage Loan:

In addition to easy access, bank also offers other advantages. Check-out:

  • Little bureaucracy for hiring;
  • It does not require guarantees, only proof of income;
  • You don’t need an account either, however, your employer needs to be partnered with the bank.

Loans Available

Loans Available

bank not only offers payroll loans. There are other options that may also be ideal for your moment. You can apply for a loan to buy your car or property, with or without collateral.

Remember that bank offers several alternatives for both individuals and companies. One of the differentials is in the debt purchase product. The main point of this option is to offer a debt to the bank to pay, offering a longer repayment term to the consumer.

Even though this option offers an impressive advantage to your financial health, it is important to carefully evaluate it, as any impulsive movement can further damage your situation.

Is it possible to do loan simulations?

Is it possible to do loan simulations?

Website does not provide online simulation of its products, however, if you work in an accredited company, you can simulate the values ​​in person.

Before closing the deal, check the value of the fees and CET. Still don’t know what it is? Find out to have no problems in the future.

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