Officials urge people to check passport expiration dates before planning travel


BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – As summer travel plans kick in, it’s important to check the expiration date on your passport.

Officials at Congressman Robert Aderholt’s office said they typically receive one to two fast-track passport applications every two weeks, but in the past two weeks they’ve received 36.

Communications director Carson Clark said going through your congressman’s office when you need an expedited passport may be faster than going through the State Department, but he said it doesn’t. should only be in an emergency.

He said go through the State Department if you have about four to six weeks before it expires, and only contact your congressman if it expires in a few days.

Clark said the applications overwhelmed them and passport processing was taking almost four weeks longer than normal. He said they couldn’t guarantee anyone an expedited passport before their trip.

“Due to Covid restrictions, they don’t have as many people working in their office at a time, so there aren’t that many people to process passports, so getting an expedited passport just takes a lot longer. than usual, “he said.

Clark said when checking the expiration date of your passport before you travel, you want to make sure it will be valid for six months after your vacation date. He said that many countries require you to have that much time left before it expires, so that it does not expire while you are in their country.

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