Consolidate your debt with us

The proposal of debt consolidation loans on site consists of the unification of several individual financial positions, to close them all through a single loan, which allows to immediately pay off these debts, taking away the burden of doing so from the customer, and having a single interlocutor, the ‘banking institute’, explains Roberto, marketing director of Mutual online, a loan comparison site, to Linkyter. “On average, the transaction is built to charge a lower rate than the actual average rate that was paid for all the operations that were in progress, and also allows for the rationalization of expenses”.

In short, depending on the situation of the person and the duration of the loan installments that have been subscribed, solutions can be found that adapt to one’s monthly spending capacity, helping to unify expenses in a single outing. And also, often, to save something.

Loan consolidation in difficult times

Imagine the scene: you did the financing to buy the mobile phone, the one for the washing machine, the one for the new kitchen. In the meantime, perhaps, you also had to think about paying the installment payment for your child’s dentist, and in all this, the car is now to be replaced.

Thus, in no time at all, the expenses have started to weigh on the current account and the mailbox (electronic or physical) is clogging up with communications, payment reminders, even injunctions. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Nothing, you’ve really gone too far and now you can’t stand the costs anymore. What to do? Give up everything and escape to the Caribbean? The solution could have a difficult name: loan, or mortgage, for consolidation.

The principle behind an operation of this type is simple: they gather all their debt positions to eliminate them in one fell swoop, replacing them with a single installment of a single loan, made to plug those holes that, for a reason or for another, now you can no longer close.

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