Rules in lieu of passport renewal! Now you will be able to do it with these easy sitting at home steps.


New Delhi: The corona outbreak is now slowly receding. In that case, if you are also planning to travel abroad, then this news is for you. You must have a passport to go abroad. In this case, if the validity of your passport is about to expire or has been carried out, you can now renew your passport by following these simple steps.

Step by step process: –

Step 1- How to fill out the form?
– First connection by visiting the online passport service site.
– Passport application fees / Passport Click on the link with passport without renewal.
– Then, after clicking on an alternative option, a new page will open.
– You can download and complete the application form if you wish.
– Can then fill and upload to the portal.
– Right there, click on “complete the online application form” to complete the online form.

Step 2- Appointment must be made: –
– After clicking on the online form option, you need to fill in the required information and submit it.
– Then, by logging in, go to the first page and click on submit the application.
– Then click on the radio button to pay.
– Click on the Pay and make an appointment option.
– Go ahead by selecting online payments.
– Specify that it is very important to pay online to make an appointment at the passport office.

Step 3- Make such appointments: –
– Then the list of seva kendras passports near you will be displayed on your screen.
– Choose the date and time of the appointment according to your convenience.
– Then click on Pay and make an appointment.
– On the other hand, once payment is complete, access the Passport Seva portal again.
– If you see the appointment confirmation page there.
– From there, the full details will be the show.
– Print the app and click on the print app. This will present the appointment number.

Step 4 – Keep these documents before learning passport office with: –
– Take a printed receipt by going to the passport office. .
– You will only access it after presenting the slip.
– After that, your documents will be requested there.
– In addition, give the document with the photo.
– As well as the photo will give a signature. The same signature will appear on the port you have.

Step 5- Perform this passport status tracking: –
– Then you will receive a slip which will allow you to follow the status of your passport.
– This will be followed by a police check and then your passport by post will arrive at your home in a week.
– Bring your old passport to the passport office after receiving the passport.
– Drop off your old passport here at the passport office.
– Report to the police if the passport is lost or stolen.

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