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Publication date: 11/30/2021

When traveling from Spain, passengers will be subject to different rules depending on their destination

The Covid vaccination passport is gaining ground in Spain, with the Valencian Community being one of the latest to introduce its use in indoor places that can accommodate more than 50 clients, in addition to hospitals and nursing homes. Several other countries have long introduced the vaccination certificate system, and we are looking at what might be required of travelers when visiting these countries.


While the NHS freely offers citizens the option to upload a Covid passport, Boris Johnson has repeatedly ruled out using the certificates to restrict entry to bars, restaurants or public events.

In Scotland and Wales, however, a Covid passport may be requested for cinemas, theaters and concerts with more than 500 people indoors, or more than 4,000 people outdoors.

Those traveling from Spain can either present a Covid passport if they are fully vaccinated or proof of a negative test to enter the UK.


The Covid passport was approved in France in the summer and since then it has been compulsory for access to indoor and outdoor spaces in bars and restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, retirement homes and public transport. In short, everywhere. In addition, from January 15, any person over 18 who received their second dose of the vaccine more than seven months ago will have to be vaccinated as a booster or their certificate will be null and void for entry.

It is important to note that the French government has not yet made a concrete decision on how to treat foreigners who have only had two injections.

When traveling from Spain to France, anyone who does not have a Covid certificate will have to provide proof of a negative test.


Italy was once one of the first countries to apply the Covid passport and since September it is mandatory to go to work and enter most public places such as museums, restaurants, gymnasiums and cinemas .

Things are set to get even more difficult on December 6, when only those who have received a double hit will be entitled to the certificate – anyone who has defeated the coronavirus or has a negative test result will not receive a Covid passport. However, the old status quo will apply to workplaces. In addition, everyone will need to be recalled after nine months.


With the spike in infections, Germany has reintroduced restrictions in recent days, although measures vary by region. In general, however, proof of having suffered a double bite or having recovered from the virus in the past six months is required to enter bars, restaurants and indoor cultural and leisure venues.

Berlin is allowing customers with a recent negative test to enter restaurants, but the passport will be required on all public transport from this week.


As of December 1, Portugal will enter a ‘state of calamity’ and masks will be mandatory in all enclosed spaces, while Covid passports will be required in restaurants, hotels, tourist apartments, gyms and events with pre-seating. -assigned.

In addition, to access hospitals, nursing homes, nightclubs, bars and sporting events and activities in places without an assigned seat, a negative Covid test must also be presented.

From December 1, to enter the country by plane it will be necessary to present a negative test, even if the travelers are perfectly vaccinated. The government will impose fines of 20,000 euros on airlines that allow passengers to board without these requirements.

United States

Before traveling to the United States, passengers must present their vaccination certificate as well as a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of boarding.

As in Germany, the requirements differ from state to state and even from city to city. In New York, for example, travelers must present a vaccination certificate to enter bars and restaurants, while masks are no longer required in Washington businesses.

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