The government will apply for a passport online


The GOVERNMENT is working on the introduction of an online passport application service with the aim of tackling the corruption that is currently shaking the application process.

Interior Minister Kazembe Kazembe said last week at the official opening of Zimbabwe’s first district passport office at Chitungwiza municipality headquarters.

“We are in the process of delivering an integrated information and communication technology (ICT) solution that will not only bring these physical structures to your doorstep, but bring the real service to homes via online services,” said Kazembe.

“Ideally, the entire passport application process should be done within the confines of our homes.

“You see these people clapping – they cry. People get ripped off at passport offices. Corruption must stop. When people come to our offices, please serve them with the dignity they deserve. Two or three should be arrested to lead by example, ”he said.

Passport applicants, who spoke to NewsDay, lamented corruption at passport offices and expressed hope that the newly opened office would operate transparently.

“Surely the corruption in passport offices should stop. You are sleeping in a queue at the offices and when the authorities come in the morning you will be surprised that you are number 130. People are asked to pay bribes of US $ 20 to join or avoid the queue. waiting. We pray that the Makombe office system does not repeat itself in the new passport offices in Chitungwiza. The authorities should be vigilant, ”said Phyllis Vambe.

Loveness Mugadza, a resident of Chitungwiza in South Africa, who returned to renew her passport, said: “I came home with my US $ 318. It was not easy to raise this money. I can’t just give away my hard earned money. Outside they charge US $ 20 and inside they also charge US $ 100 for us to be served. It should end. “

Kazembe told participants that the decentralization of the civil status department to the districts was aimed at decongesting the provincial offices.

“Since the passport application facility was limited to 10 provincial offices, this caused congestion. In response, my ministry, through the Vital Statistics Department, has taken a deliberate stance to improve service delivery through the integration of decentralized systems and infrastructure development. The decentralization of passport services to Chitungwiza is the department’s third 100-day project.

“The ministry remains committed to further decentralizing passport services and streamlining passport issuance procedures. In my opinion, this will remove the physical human interface. People have the problem that every time they meet they want to bribe someone. With this online solution that my ministry is working on, that will be a thing of the past.

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