Update on municipal activities and vaccination passport requirements


On September 1, 2021, the Quebec government introduced its COVID-19 vaccination passport. With the passport, people aged 13 and over who are adequately protected or who have a clinical contraindication to COVID-19 vaccination can be admitted to certain places and participate in non-essential activities where the risk of transmission is high. .

In Westmount, the vaccination passport is required for :

  • sports and leisure activities taking place at the Westmount Recreation Center;
  • access to the Westmount Public Library;
  • cultural and leisure activities taking place at Victoria Hall.

You can present proof in one of three ways: on paper, in a PDF on your mobile device, or on the VaxiCode app. Whichever method you choose, you must also present photo identification.

Please note that the requirements for the vaccination passport may change at any time depending on the evolution of the pandemic situation.

Need help downloading the VaxiCode app or printing your proof of vaccination?

Library members can call 514 989-5355 or use the electronic form for assistance. You will need to have your QR code or Medicare card number on hand, along with the date and stamp of the first dose of vaccine you received.

Consult the website of the Government of Quebec for more information on the vaccination passport and how to obtain it.

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